I have been a commercial photographer for over 20 years and have built a successful career in a competitive field by being consistent in delivering the desired needs of my clients.  I am a full service commercial photographer, and am equally comfortable both in studio and on location.  I have a diverse range of clientele, and understand that commercial photography is first and foremost about meeting the needs of my clients.  Photography is something I love doing and am passionate about.

The most important consideration in photography is the intent of the photo. The process begins by understanding how the image will be used and what it is meant to communicate.  Every commercial image I create is designed to sell a product or a service, and a good photographer will always keep that in the front of his or her mind.  I have a particular talent for arriving on location and making great images with what is on hand, based on what needs to be communicated.

The three main things I try to impart through my photography are:

Consistency – The ability to deliver strong imagery in every setup, and to plan and maintain a thematic look appropriate to your particular project;

Credibility – Two decades of experience as a working professional photographer with the ability to maintain long-term relationships by providing quality and expertise delivered on time and on budget; and

Cost effectiveness –  Keeping expenses at a minimum translates to savings for the client.